Free On-Line Program: 30 Days to Natural Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Control

Welcome to the home page of our new online program to help you control diabetes and high blood pressure without medications–in just thirty days.

Featuring award-winning writer and speaker, David DeRose, MD, MPH, this program was designed to be watched in thirty daily installments. Each daily presentation is only about five or six minutes long and gives you a specific challenge that Dr. DeRose recommends you adopt for the entirety of the one-month program. The no-frills series is designed to give you the sense of sitting in Dr. DeRose’s office for a private consultation.

Click on the image below to begin the 30-day journey:

If you prefer, you can easily navigate to any of the episodes here: Playlist for 30 Day Program

This is the May 2018 revised version of the program (a beta version was released in March 2018).  We look forward to your feedback. We hope to update segments over time–so make sure you subscribe. Future updates may include re-recorded segments (to answer questions you’ve raised, etc.), new graphics, and new video footage.

Note especially: Dr. DeRose is acting as a coach, or educator in this series. We strongly urge you to work with your healthcare provider(s) before making any significant changes. Really, the principles in this program are powerful and will typically result in a need to decrease diabetes and high blood pressure medications–changes that should only be made under a practitioner’s supervision.

Please share this program with your friends. The more feedback we get, the better we can serve you.

Disclaimer: This is a part of an educational series. It is not intended to take the place of your health care providers and therefore does not attempt to give personal health diagnosis or treatment for any individual viewer. We recommend you follow the advice given you by your health care providers when there is a conflict with the material presented in this video.