Native American Themes

Native American Themes
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  1. Listening to the Buffalo

    In this presentation, Dr. David DeRose presents a scientific program that provides natural keys for success in preventing and treating modern day maladies and risk factors. DeRose’s strategies are founded on solid medical science and are supported by the amazing medical history and insights of Native Americans. 

    Dr. DeRose observes how the same Native American tribes that today experience staggering rates of diabetes and related conditions were once protected from these diseases by their natural health practices. The history of this race provides hope—not only for Native Americans, but for people of all races who want to overcome genetic and environmental tendencies toward chronic disease. Let the natural wisdom found in Listening to the Buffalo help you: lose weight, lower your cholesterol and blood sugar, boost your energy level, decrease your risk of cancer, reduce your blood pressure, prevent a heart attack, and more.

  2. Native American Insights into Spiritual Health and WellnessMany tribal communities understood wellness only in the context spiritual harmony—harmony with oneself as well as harmony with your family, your community, and the land. Regardless of your spiritual heritage, Dr. DeRose will help you gain new insights into total health by looking through the eyes of traditional Native Americans. Learn how to avoid spiritual disharmony and harness powerful natural strategies to achieve wholeness.

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