Healing Insights from the Gospel of Mark

These eight free handouts are designed to accompany Dr. DeRose’s DVD series of the same name. Gain new health insights as you cover the entire Gospel of Mark–alone or with a group–in eight one-hour sessions. (Note: The series was originally designed as a once-weekly, eight-week group discussion series. It was structured as follows: watch Dr. DeRose’s 30-minute lecture, then use the handouts below to guide a 30-minute discussion.)

Click on the links below to access the eight PDF files:

Lesson 01-Mark Background

Lesson 02-Mark Chapt 01

Lesson 03-Mark Chapts 02, 03

Lesson 04-Mark Chapts 04-06

Lesson 05-Mark Chapts 07-09

Lesson 06-Mark Chapts 10-12

Lesson 07-Mark Chapts 13-14

Lesson 08-Mark Chapts 15-16