Professional CV

Education and Training

Medical School
LomaLindaUniversity, School of Medicine: Loma Linda, CA. Degree awarded: M.D.



  • Wright State University/Kettering Medical Center: Kettering, OH. Internal Medicine Residency. Also worked part time providing occupational and preventive medicine services for Kettering Hospital’s Center for Health Promotion.
  • LomaLindaUniversity, School of Public Health: Loma Linda, CA.Off-campus Public Health degree program. Degree awarded: Masters in Public Health, Emphasis: Health Promotion and Education.
  • LomaLindaUniversity, School of Medicine: Loma Linda, CA.Preventive Medicine Residency, PGY3 year. Performed on part-time basis (part on-campus, part off-campus).

Certification and Licensure


• American Board of Preventive Medicine (January 2000, January 2010)

• American Board of Internal Medicine (September 1987)

• National Board of Medical Examiners (July 1985)


Honors and Awards

  • Delta Omega, Honorary Public Health Society
  • Charlotte S. Leebron Award, 2000; co-recipient, awarded annually to the author(s) of the most outstanding scientific paper appearing in The Oklahoma State Medical Journal.


  • COMPASSHEALTH/COMPASSHEALTH CONSULTING, INC., Foresthill, CA; 2002 to date. Founder and President. I left a mix of medical administration, clinical practice, research, and health education to begin my own company in November 2002. Since its inception, CompassHealth, Inc. has specialized in developing customized materials and health enhancement programs (lectures, seminars, workshops, etc.). In addition to working with individuals, we work with both public and private agencies interested in optimizing the health of their constituencies including businesses, schools, faith communities, and neighborhoods. CompassHealth also provides health consulting services, experts for radio and TV health programs, and assistance with technical and consumer-oriented medical journalism.In March 2007, I relocated CompassHealth to Maine in order to help fulfill a new three-year contract centered on providing community-based health education programs in Portland, Maine. Examples of other CompassHealth projects I have been involved with:
    • review of difficult internal medicine cases with ensuing phone-based health education for the 50,000 + member Medi-Share organization
    • medical literature research and writing for Nedley Publishing (a small Southern Oklahoma medical publisher)
    • contracted work for an American Indian, Washington, D.C.-based non-profit called the Native Education and Health Initiative; my major responsibility has been hosting a weekly, syndicated, Native-themed radio health talk show called American Indian Living (described in detail later)
    • educational seminars in the U.S. and abroad (including Eastern and Western Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa)
    • television work for both the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) and the Quiet Hour’s Windows of Hope (described in detail later)

  • THE LIFESTYLE CENTER OF AMERICA, Sulphur, Oklahoma; 1996-2002. Program Physician, later Medical Director.My responsibilities included: assisting in coordination and provision of clinical internal medicine and preventive medicine services for patients who attended our residential lifestyle change programs. I was also involved with research activities (areas of emphasis: diabetes, weight reduction, exercise physiology, and lifestyle-based cardiac risk factor interventions); health communications (lecturing, writing, radio and television presentations); and administration.

  • LIVING SPRINGS LIFESTYLE CENTER, Putnam Valley, New York; 1993-1996. Vice President for Medical Affairs. In addition to administrative responsibilities, I provided clinical and educational services for residential lifestyle change programs offered at this New York City area health center. Programs emphasized smoking cessation, cholesterol control, weight management, diabetes treatment, and hypertension control. During most of this time, I also had a limited clinical preventive medicine practice based in Mahopac, NY, The Mahopac Diagnostic, Preventive and Fitness Medical Practice, P.C.
    While in the NY City area, I gained research experience and additional preventive medicine expertise under the mentorship of Yale University’s Dr. Jim Jekel as well as by working with Dr. Ernst Wynder’s eminent team of Manhattan-based cancer researchers.

  • FLORIDAHOSPITAL,Orlando, Florida; 1989-1993. Medical Director, Corporate and Community Health Divisions (also Medical Director for the hospital’s Employee Health Division before 1990 reorganizations). Some of my wide-ranging responsibilities included roles in: hospital infection control, clinical medical care for work-related employee health problems, high-end corporate executive health assessments, cardiac stress testing, and industry-based health education programs for corporate clients.
    Other preventive medicine activities included: developing and presenting programs targeting cholesterol control, weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management, and general preventive medicine issues; developing screening/biological monitoring protocols for public and private sector employees; and assisting in planning and/or providing community-wide primary and secondary preventive medicine services (e.g., screening, education, and support groups.)

    Staff Physician (1987-1988) and Assistant Medical Director (1988–1989). Responsibilities included: helping coordinate and deliver both inpatient and outpatient services for a small rural acute care hospital with adjacent preventive medicine/lifestyle center. I also helped coordinate electives for medical students and residents. Performed limited occupational and preventive medicine contract work for Kettering Hospital’s Center for Health Promotion.