Changing Bad Habits for Good

Changing bad habits for goodPhysician, health educator and popular speaker, Dr. David DeRose uses his award-winning communication skills to help you conquer your bad habits once and for all. Dr. DeRose combines engaging real-life stories with solid scientifically-backed principles to help you successfully address the areas in your life that you know you need to change. Whether you’re looking for insights to help you shed unwanted pounds, a new focus to improve your nutrition, strategies to help you get more exercise, or extra motivation to stop smoking – it’s all here in “Changing Bad Habits for Good”.In this two-part, 60 minute video, you will gain insights to help you:

1. Change the bad habits you love and still live an enjoyable life.

2. Surmount barriers that have frustrated your past attempts at changing.

3. Address the root causes of some of your most entrenched “bad habits.”

4. Harness the power of “clean breaks.”