Make Your Home or Community Venue a Center for Natural Blood Pressure Control

Seminar Resources: Special Pricing and Additional Details

Medical research indicates our attempts at health behavior change are more successful if we collaborate with others.  With our inexpensive tools for natural blood pressure control, anyone can now make their home, workplace, community center, or place of worship a place of healing. Perhaps most amazingly, the medical research indicates that if you follow the principles in our book and related videos, you are also likely to lose weight, improve your diabetes (or decrease your risk of getting diabetes) and decrease your risk of stroke, heart attack, and cancer.

Furthermore, as the result of a generous grant, Native American tribal leaders or health leaders can get our best-selling book and accompanying DVDs free of charge on two conditions: (1) they plan to use the program with at least two Native American patients or tribal members within 30 days of receiving the materials; (2) they are willing to let us know how they used the materials.

For those of you who are Native Americans, we have two videos specially designed for you and your healthcare providers.  Here they are:

  • The first video is found here: Instructions for Providers.  This is designed for health professionals who are interested in non-drug approaches for diabetes and high blood pressure in Indian Country.
  • The second video is found here: How to Use Resources.  In this presentation, Dr. David DeRose explains how you to use the free books and DVDs to help address high blood pressure and diabetes in Indian Country—without using more medications. It provides the viewer with a quick overview as to how the various program elements can be used by an individual patient, a health care professional, or anyone coordinating a community event using the resources. You can get full written details at:

If you are interested in more details, physician co-authors David DeRose and Greg Steinke devoted a whole episode of “American Indian Living Radio” to this program, including the science behind the project.  You can listen to the show or download it here: DeRose and Steinke show on Soundcloud.

If you are not Native you can still take advantage of our award-winning book and ancillary videos.  First, learn more about the program using this quick video presentation: Program Overview Video.

Next, here are the specific items you will need to run the program at a venue of your choosing (you can even use the program in your own home–with an audience of one, yourself):

  1. “Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control” book: one book per participant
  2. “Reversing Hypertension Naturally” DVD: one DVD per program site
  3. “Changing Bad Habits for Good” DVD: one DVD per program site
  4. “Listening to the Buffalo” DVD: one DVD per program site
  5. “Spiritual Health: Neglected Dimensions” DVD: one DVD per program site

You can buy individual items (books and DVDs) on our purchase site:

However, we also have special pricing options–available to anyone, but specially designed for those running a program…

Special pricing on books.  When you purchase copies of our book, “Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control,” in multiples of 5 you qualify for wholesale pricing which is approximately 40% off the cover price.  Choose how many sets of five books you want to purchase here (price includes media mail shipping and handling to anywhere in the continental US).  Note: Feel free to call 580-504-7043 if you have problems with the button below, or prefer to pay by credit card over the phone…

Special pricing on the four DVDs: Purchased individually, the four DVDs needed for to conduct a program cost over $85.00.  Get them here for $70.00 plus $5.00 media mail shipping and handling to any address in the United States. Note: Feel free to call 580-504-7043 if you have problems with the button below, or prefer to pay by credit card over the phone…